Power Distribution Board (PDB)


  • Rigid & robust Construction
  • Panel is very flexible. Expansion is very easy on both sides.
  • Suitable for DCS Operation
  • Designed as per customer requirements & Cost effective
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Conformance to IS 8623


Power Distribution Board is used for electrical Power Distribution. In this ACB, MCCB, SDF, MCB etc are the main equipments. This receives supply from PCC. Power Distribution Board offers Isolation and Short Circuit as basic protections. Other Protections like over current, Earth Fault, Earth Leakage etc are offered on case to case basis. Designing needs cable entry, access, site conditions, place of placement etc. information.

RYB has Manufactured. Installed & Commissioned large no. of PDB Panels From last 10 years.



Types :

  • Compartmentalized design for ACB, MCCB and SDF feeders
  • Non-Compartmentalized design for MCCB, MCB feeders
  • Single front with rear access
  • Single front without rear access
  • Double front with both access

Largest Size Panel Executed

  1. Incomer 2000A ACB, 50kA, Power Feeders 35Numbers. Length = 10000mm.
  2. Incomer 800A 3P MCCB 50kA, Power Feeders 32 Numbers. Length = 6000mm.

Maximum Quantity of Panel

  • PDBs are small panels. We can manufacture more quantity without any problem.

Construction :

  1. Main Body is made from 2mm CRC Sheet Color: Siemens Grey RAL7032 Powder Coated
  2. Base: 75 mm ISMC Color: Satin black
  3. Doors: 1.5mm. Color: Siemens Grey RAL7032 Powder Coated
  4. Mounting Plate: 1.5/2 mm thick, Color: Orange Powder Coated

Cable Entry : Top or Bottom option available

Operating Temp : 0-55 Deg. C.
Supply : 440 V AC, 3 Phase, 4 wire
Busbar System : Main Busbar at panel rear. Auxiliary bus bars behind each feeder
Short Circuit Rating : 50 kA RMS
Ingress Protection : Standard - IP 42
Optional - IP 54